Nicholas Mirzoeff’s How to See the World.- week 1

Featured image : Hebron, Malcolm. “Nicolas Mirzoeff, How to See the World.” Blogspot, Friday 9 October 2015,

Internet is the first truly collective medium of communication for the world

  • Through the introduction (Mirzoeff 21) communicated the idea that the “Internet is the first truly collective medium in the world”. It made me realize that the world has never had a medium that connected people from all over the world to communicate. Mirzoeff open my eyes to the true reality of what internet can do. That it can bring the world together.(Mirzoeff 5) “In 2012 it was estimated that more than a third had access to the internet…by 2014 its estimated that 3 billion people were online”

There is a fast growing visual culture 

  • The start of this book it emphasized the very fast growing visual culture. Its interesting to know that visual communication is growing at an exponential rate than it ever had before. People have access to more visual content and create visual content easier. This is an example of the visual content growth, ( Mirzoeff 6) ” 100 hours of  YouTube are loaded every minute. Six billion hours of video are watched every month…Americans alone take more images than the entire 19th century…380 billion photographs were taken in 2012…One trillion photographs were taken in 2014. Here you can clearly see the exponential growth rate.

Works cited 

Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “Introduction”. How to See the World, Pelican, 2015, pp. 5,6,21.


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