Art &Design

 Ginzburg, Anton. Hyperborea series . 2011, Photograph, Anton Ginzburg,

These images were captured by a New York based, Anton Ginzburg. The images capture a mysterious red smoke over snow. The Series is based on the idea of Hyperborea. In Greek mythology, Hyperboreas were mythical people that lived beyond the north wind. This place was supposed to be perfect, a place with the sun shining 24 hours a day. Ginzburg played with this concept. I like this series of images because they are visually beautiful. Due to the contrast in colour, making the red a focal point in the image. I also like the idea of capturing movement, because the scenery is only like the image for a small period of time before it changes.

Sunny Park, Soo. Unwoven Light. 11 April 2013, Sculpture, Rice Gallery,Houston Texas,

Soo Sunny Park made this installation called Unwoven light. She wanted to convey the idea of a dream like or imaginative space in a actual physical space, that one can physically see and touch. I love this installation design because the space looks almost fluid and seamless, like reflective water. However its made from solid structured materials ( glass and wire). It really transforms the room.



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