Cindy Sherman Experience

First Impressions

Featured image Cindy Sherman Untitled #462 2007-08. Colour photograph mounted on aluminium.
Purchased 2011 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation.
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery. © The artist.

This my first time seeing the famous works of Cindy Sherman. Looking at the large scale images that stood before me, was simply astonishing. How could one women create so many identities? These images towed over our heads, making me feel rather imitated and overpowered by the sheer scale of the works.I turned every corner of the gallery and the imagery would continue, her work covered every wall in The Wellington City Gallery. I stood in the middle of the room and noticed the quite hush of people viewing the art, not allowing there voices go over a loud whisper. As if speaking to loud that it would damage the artistry. People paying close attention to the detail to the pictures to enable themselves to create there own thoughts and perspectives about Cindy’s works. I stood there an wondered what her work meant to me…

The initial interaction of the Cindy Sherman Photographs was a significant experience to me on my field trip. This was my first interaction with her photographs. To be honest I had never herd of her work until the field trip. It was interesting viewing the gallery and works as a true blank canvas and establishing how others  and myself interacted with the work and space.


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