Cindy Sherman Reflection

When I looked at Cindy Sherman’s for the first time, it made me question why she made these images.. In some of her collections her images are all stylized with the same aesthetic. The only difference is the character she is portraying. Why does she do this and what does it mean to me? The importance of this moment was the discovery of what Sherman was communicating through her images and how I interpenetrated this information.


Cindy Sherman’s Head Shots collection original photo

Sherman works communicates ideas about gender and identity, that is defined by our society and how damaging that can be. Her work made me challenge the perception of the world around me. She brings to light that there is huge pressure to conform and become someone you are not, just to please others. She alludes to the “damage” in her images by creating looks/ characters that look imperfect. You can physically see the imperfections in the character from her skin to badly done makeup, awkward positions and ill fitting clothes. You can see in all these characters the desperation and desire to feel accepted. She telling us this is not the way to live your life. However I do feel today’s generation is becoming more aware of these “values” that society whats you to conform to. People are starting to understand you are able to do anything with your life, its in your control. Although as humans we desire and need to feel accepted by our peers. You are still able to define the pressure of conforming. Sherman illustrates in her images that this is what you will become if you keep conforming to these identity set by others. They look desperate and unhappy, who wants to live a life like that?  Sherman’s work helps create awareness to these concepts. As soon as there is an awareness, change/ acceptance soon follows.

Cindy Sherman’s Clowns and Heads shots collection original photo

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