Identity Images

Though researching my topic about the natural world, I discovered that the discussion wasn’t in depth enough, and I wasn’t super passionate about it. Therefore I changed my focus question to #1…

Who is this ‘me’ anyway?
If you choose this question you will explore identity – how we represent ourselves.  You can focus on either how our representations of ourselves have changed over time or how marginalised groups have represented themselves to confront mainstream culture.

I want to focus on ” woman’s” body identity that is reflected in advertisements, and how this has developed and changed over time. I feel this is a very relevant discussion to be having. There is a lot of discussion around western culture societal constructs on how feminine beauty is portrayed and created. We see these constructed all the time in the fashion and beauty industry, and how they market products.

So an image I have been looking into on more depth and that I want to use in my essay. Is the an Victoria’s Secret campaign in 2015 called ” The Perfect “Body” “.


The Perfect “Body”. 2015, Campaign, Photograph, Victoria’s Secret, 

Klee, Paul. Twittering Machine. 1922, Oil transfer Drawing, Museum of Modern Art, New York,

Here we can see social constructions about women body identity and the expectations women have to achieve this identity. I think its a very strong thought provoking image, to use to illustrate to the reader the society idealized body identity and the pressure put on women to obtain this. I wish to discus and analyse in depth in my writing.


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