Concept Exploration – Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is defined as (Investopedia)  “phenomenon in the fashion industry whereby production processes are expedited in order to get new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible.” Fashion is becoming faster and faster with some brands creating new trends and looks up to twice a week. How can that be sustainable. Lets discuss some of the general concerns or issues the fast fashion industry creates and how people respond.

General concerns/ issues

  • Environmental waste
  • Slavery/ sweatshop / fair trade
  • Child Labor
  • Consumerism – Idea of over consumption of products
  • Capitalism / Globalization- impacts of globalization of 3 world country.

The bigger issues

  • Human rights and sweatshops. – Its clear to see that fast fashion manipulates the idea of globalization. Outsourcing production to lower manufacturing cost counties to keep prices of production low and sell for a huge profit. Meanwhile workers are working in unsafe environments, aren’t being paid a fair wage and are forced to work long hours to keep up with demand. As a society don’t we have a responsibly to look after others and treat them fairly.

This issue is a global issue it effect anyone living in capitalist consumer culture and third world county that manufacture clothing.

Fast fashion is a glorified industry to keep consumers buying there products for profit. However consumers are unaware of the reality of were or who there clothing is being made. They are unknowingly buying/ supporting a culture that takes advantage of lower income community to sell their product for less to keep up with competition. Human rights and environmental right and almost forgotten about. I don’t think people would be so supportive of the fast fashion industry if they knew the reality on how there garments are made.

There are lots of sides on the debate about fast fashion. There is a side that believe that if we don’t buy into fast fashion, those people wont have a job or get paid. I’m supporting the economy through globalization and getting those counties richer to come out of poverty.   In a video explaining the idea behind globalization state ( One Minute Economics, 0.12) ” counties would receive a significant influx of capital leading to a gradual irradiation of poverty”. That’s why people want to support the fast fashion industry.

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