Concept devleoment – Creative work

This is just a brainstorm for what to create for my final creative work that highlights the idea of fast fashion.

  • created a social media movement
  • Create graphic prints and tshirts – series of photographs of people supperting the positive movement.
  • fast fashion fast food photoshoot. / poster
  • consumtion waste pile photoshot
  • Drawing/ artwork

For my topic I am looking at the implications of fast fashion. The fast fashion industry exploits garment workers to make profit. Brands ignore basic human rights to keep production cost low, therefore allowing them to sell garments cheap. Workers are then forced to work, long hours for low wages in unsafe environments. Through my creative work I wanted to illustrate the disconnection between consumer and factory worker. How we as consumers, don’t know the reality of how our garments are made. Our consumption of fast fashion is allowing this type of treatment to continue.

Concept One 

creatiev work 3

This concept was to create a 100% ethical graphic print tee shirt to create a social movement. The trends of fashion at this time is huge on graphic tees. Some showing political and social views. It quite a huge statement to wear something that shows political views. I think it would be a create concept to create a discussion on the dark side of fast fashion.   However due to time constraints on project i would not to be able to achieve the desired aesthetic in that time.

Concept Two 

creative work 4

This concept I wanted to create a staged photo that contrasted the fast fashion industry with fast food. Creating a message that its bad for you and you don’t really know what you are consuming but you do it anyway.  Fast food connotates with dirty, gross food. and to contrast that with the glorified fashion industry would communicate to my audience do you know what you are buying?

Concept Three – Chosen Concept 

creative work 5

This concept is a mixed media work constructed out of fast fashion garment around the house. I want to show the division between consumer and garments workers. Using thread, materials, receipts and bar codes. To create an images that truly reflect the fast fashion industry.  Considering time frame and concept development. I want to go with this concept. It communicates a range of messages to the viewer and creates more of a political statement.


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