Week 1- Maori Practices & Traditions

A powhiri is a ritual welcoming ceremony to induct people into a marae. There are a range of procedure to be completed in the right order to ensure a peaceful welcome is delivered. Here I have created a simple illustration showing the main processes that place at a powhiri. This illustration is informed by the writings of  Higgins & Morrefield (77)  that clearly outline the stages and reasoning behind each stage of a powhiri.


Simpson, Zara. Powhiri illustration, 2017

In response to Mead text (29). This reading outlines social expectations, standard and traditions that are practiced through maori culture. In relation to western culture, there are a range of social and cultural expectations that are expected to practice as individuals in society.  One principle that is outlined and practiced of Whanaungatanga. This principle relates to the concept of whakapapa, however goes beyound respect and support from people and begins in direct relations. Mead ( 28) states “whanaungatanga embraces whakapapa and focuses upon relationships. Individuals expect to be supported by their relative near or distance.” but simply is having respect, support for people and the environment.  Maori culture practices a lot of principles with in the culture, here is a diagram of just some concepts outlined in mead reading, outline the relationship with one another.


As I am from Maori background and a citizen of New Zealand, Its important that i gain an understanding of the maori culture. Therefore I am able to understand a part of my family heritage and respect for the unique culture of New Zealand. Understanding the main principles and concept the the maori culture pride themselves on, gives me a good understanding  and respect of what the culture is all about.

Works Cited 
Higgins,R, & Moorfeild, J. Nga Putake o te Tikanga – Underlying Princilbles and Values. Tikanga Maori : Living by Maori Values. Aotearoa: Huia Publishers, 2003. 24-35. Print
Mead, Hirini Moko.”Chapter2: Nga Putake o te Tikanga- Underlying Princilbles and Values. Tikanga Maori : Living by Maori Values. Aotearoa: Huia Publishers, 2003. 24-35. Print

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