Kaupapa & Mautauranga Maori

Kaupapa and Mautauranga are Maori concepts that are very similar however represent different meanings. Both concepts are not simply defined in English. They are concepts that are interpreted in a wide variety of ways. However today I am going to constructed my understanding of the two meanings.

Kaupapa Maori is the understanding of knowledge that was created by Maori. In Royal’s “Politics and knowledge: kaupapa Māori and mātauranga Māori” (30) is defines Kaupapa as a “particular plan of action created by Maori, expressing Maori aspirations and certain. Maori values and principles. There might be a range of purposes for the action
taking. However, it is generally held that the design of the proposed action is created
by Maori, reflecting Maori aspirations, ideals, values and perspectives.” As stated above Kaupapa maori is about a way of life the maori ways, values and traditions compared to dominate western cultures ways and traditions.

Mantanranga Maori is the body of knowledge. This knowledge gives you understanding in who you are and where you come from. (Royal, 33) states ” “Matauranga Maori” is a modern term for a body of knowledge that was brought to these islands by Polynesian ancestors of present-day”. This knowledge can also link to the concept of mana. Through the understanding of iwi and ancestrial origins  Both these concepts of Kaupapa and Mautauranga are similar in the ideas that are both knowledge based about the Maroi traditions and values. however are different.

These key concepts are also used in the art and design practices for example the Maori Rock Carvings in Mine bay Lake Taupo.
Artwork- Maori carving at lake Taupo

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McLennnan,Chris.  Maori Rock Carvings. N.d, Photography digital.  Great Lake Taupo, http://www.greatlaketaupo.com/things-to-do/must-do/maorirockcarvings/features/
Great Lake Taupo. “The story behind the Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings”. Youtube, Uploaded by Great Lake Taupo, Oct 20, 2016,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uIG44dU9eM

These caving were created by four artist lead by a Matahi Brightwell completed in the 1980’s.  In the video Brightwell makes links to the concepts of Kaupapa and Mantauranga within his carving work. Kaupapa is represented in the type of carving he created this work, he wanted to keep a traditional way of carving to honor and respect traditional Maori carving. Matauranga is represented by his understanding his iwi and ancestor. The carving is of his ancestor  Ngatoroirangi on the rock face. Brightwell quotes ” I want people to appreciate our heritage”. The carvings today are a huge attraction in the Taupo community.


Works cited 
Royal, Te Ahukaramu Charles. “Politics and knowledge- Kaupapa Maori and matauranga Maori.” New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 47.2 (2012)- 30.






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