Know your Tānga & European Settlers

This week I am looking at the significance of early European settlers had on the maori. What I discovered after reading Walkers Tauiwi is the impact of what settlers brought into the country. I discovered that captain James Cook introduced pigs and potatoes that become a staple fro trade in the 1800’s. (Walker 79) “Although Cook introduced the pig and the potato, it was not until others reintroduced the animal after 1800 that it flourished”.  Trade was a big part in establishing colonization with the maori population. Maori tribes benefited from European trade so much that Maori chefs would do anything to secure trading relationships. (Walker  79) ” Maori chefs went to great lengths to cement trading relation ships with Europeans…they were even given land and wives to bind them to the tribe.” The significance of this trading agree meant lead to the ( walker 79) ” first infusion on European genes into the maori population.”

Trading and fishing, Kororāreka
N.N, French sailors with Māori, Kororāreka, 1835, Painting, Teara,

After class reflection

At this weeks lecture we were talking about Tanga. As defined in the Maori dictionary ” A suffix used to make verbs into nouns, sometimes called derived nouns, and the usual ending for verbs that take the passive ending -tia. These nouns usually mean the place or the time of the verb’s action.”  We learnt about three different types of Tanga and how Ati Teepa used them in every day life and with his art and design practices with Te papa. I found it interesting to know how these maori concepts we have been leaning about are implicated into every day life and design practices. I also discovered how I can use these practices in my own life because they can be values and concepts that can be practices by anyone, not just Maori.


  • Iwi tanga – your identity and knowing how you are and where you are from.
  • Whanaga tanga- working collectively, love for the poeple and the land, networking.
  • Kaitaiki tanga – guidianship, looking out for others, looking after yourself, growing and nuturing.


Works cited
Walker, R. 1990, Tauiwi 79-97
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